Former TV Tokyo Animation Department Manager Keisuke Iwata, appointed as PolkaFantasy Anime Advisor

4 min readSep 14, 2021

The Future of PolkaFantasy: One of Limitless Possibilities

We at PolkaFantasy learn a lot from our community. Not only do we obtain invaluable knowledge on how our members would like to see our ecosystem grow, but we also hear about arising trends in the marketplace. One sector that is rising quickly within the marketplace is that of play-to-earn gaming. In line with this, we are incredibly excited to be in the development of our PolkaFantasy blockchain game, so as to provide a tier 1 gaming experience for our community, and to allow our investors to capitalize on this newly bustling marketplace & gaming experience!

We also feel a great deal of pride when our community voices their opinion about our growth and propagation throughout the crypto-industry; We are blessed to have had such an impact in so little time.

Meticulous Preparation Before Implementation

In this respect, it is important to understand how the PolkaFantasy team works. We do not rush implementations, but rather, we meticulously vet every component of our platform so as to assure that every sector is of the highest security, the most up-to-date technology, and is best suited for our community once launched within the crypto-sphere.

PolkaFantasy Ecosystem Being Repeatedly Blessed from Experts All Around the Globe

We intend to be the industry-leading Japanese-themed Anime NFT Marketplace and play-to-earn game across the globe, and that doesn’t occur by accident or by rushing the launching of our product. With that said, we are honored to have some of the most highly respected TV and video game Anime producers within the entire industry as our Anime Advisors. Just as we were ecstatic to announce that the former COO of Square Enix, Daishiro Okada, became a Strategic Advisor for PolkaFantasy, we have another surprise that justifies an equal celebration!

Mr. Iwata Joins the PolkaFantasy Guild!

Keisuke Iwata, the former TV Tokyo Animation Department Head is on our side as another one of our Anime Advisors!

The skill, achievements, and humbleness of Mr. Iwata can not be overstated. During his time at TV Tokyo, he was instrumental in producing the TV shows Beyblade, Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh; Was the Executive Producer of the Final Fantasy: Unlimited TV show; And a Producer for Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Pokemon TV series!

A Man Whose Succeeded Much More Than One Life Usually Allows

Keisuke Iwata is revered for his excellence within the Anime market sector; The degree of which is astounding for only one person! We are incredibly proud to have him as an Anime Advisor within our team, and are confident that we can utilize his large skill set to achieve the same level of greatness within our ecosystem!

PolkaFantasy is now on Uniswap V2

PolkaFantasy native token, XP, is listed on Uniswap V2.

Uniswap V2:

XP Contract Address: 0x948c70Dc6169Bfb10028FdBE96cbC72E9562b2Ac

How to buy $XP:


But until that time comes, we will keep building the best NFT marketplace the world has ever seen and will be the portal where Anime and video gaming can join the likes of Blockchain technology! To learn more about our mission and underlying technology, see our website!

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts. Inspired by Japanese Animation, Comics, and Games (ACG) culture, PolkaFantasy is an immersive platform to discover, create, trade, and interact with any digital collectibles.

Our goal goes beyond a breathtaking marketplace and truly gamified DeFi. PolkaFantasy is all about the BEST user experience. It is also a full-fledged game with unbelievable #GameFi and play-to-earn elements.

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PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts.