(New Update: Oct 18) Fantasy Land Presale for $XP Holders & Early Supporters

7 min readOct 15, 2021


Greeting PolkaFantasy Community!

We are extremely excited to announce that our first-ever Fantasy Land sale is on the horizon. For the early supporters of our mission, we are deeply grateful and would like to show our appreciation by offering you a sneak peak of our Land system and exclusive benefits as an $XP holder or early supporter.

Exclusive Land Presale

Are you ready to get your territory?

The land presale will come in 2 stages: ‘XP-holders Land Presale’, and ‘Auction Participants Land Presale’

Both pre-sales offers the same opportunities with almost equal supply of lands. However, the ‘Auction Participants Land Presale’ is exclusive to previous NFT Auction participants only. Details of the second stage auction will be disclosed next week.

Let’s take a look at our first stage pre-sale here.

The ‘XP-holders Land Presale’ will take place between 22-Oct-2021 10:00am UTC and 24-Oct-2021 10:00am UTC.

Buying land in the PolkaFantasy metaverse is one part accumulation and one part strategy. There are 5 tiers of land in total: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical*.

*Mythical is not included in this presale (picture for reference only)

Each tier consists of 12 types of land: Forest, Plains, Mountain, Shore, Volcano, Glacier, Castle, Desert, Ruins, Cave, Village, and Swamp (land types will be randomly distributed).

Each land will interact in its own unique way in our upcoming blockchain games and ecosystem. There will be magical expansions in the future.

Land Tiers & Ranks

Players can choose between 4 distinct tiers that contain magical gems and unique utilities each. The 4 tiers available in this presale event are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

All land tiers will have their own unique and common attributes. Collectively, players will be able to recruit clan members, hold clan events, conduct training sessions, battle, and much more with their respective tiers.

See the chart below for a breakdown of benefits* each tier provides:

*Benefits are subject to adjustment while game is under development

The Preciousness within Ranks

The rank of the land you purchase refers to its size and benefits.

The standard rank would be a single tile.

The next size up is the S-rank which combines 4 tiles of land in a 2x2 format.

The SS-rank offers more space in a 3x3 tile format and has the highest benefit among them all.

Here is the difference between 4 Common lands and a S-Rank Common land:

For example, a purchase of 4 Common lands from the Standard-rank would not be guaranteed location benefits. Instead, the lands could be spread across the realms of PolkaFantasy. While the lands are not tied together, no additional benefits and boosting effects would be given for battles and upgrades.

On the other hand, S-rank offers 4 tiles of land, offering geographical advantages and higher boosting percentages. As SS-rank is a 3x3 combination of 9 tiles, gamers will be entitled to the best locational advantages and the highest percentages of boosting.

The Infinity of Fantasy Lands & its Ecosystem

PolkaFantasy aims to provide gamers with diverse utilities of game assets. The innovative land ecosystem by PolkaFantasy will be a massive disruption to the current dynamics of blockchain games, as gamers will be able to use their claimed Fantasy Lands across different realms in our upcoming games.

In other words, gamers are not only getting lands for a single game. The lands are for all games of PolkaFantasy. The holistic land system that has infinite potential for scalability is built on versatility in mind. One single land system applies to the entire PolkaFantasy Ecosystem- one system to rule all.

Land Supply for This Exclusive Presale & Pricing

Each tier of land has a limited supply only! The event will conclude when the total supply is sold out. Please refer to the image above for the supply we offer in this pre-sale.

We will update our pre-sale site when individual land tiers or ranks are sold out. Once a particular tier is sold out, purchase is not accepted for that tier.

Exclusivity to Infinite Possibilities

$XP Requirement To Participate in Pre-sale

Participants with a minimum amount of 100 $XP are eligible to join this land pre-sale event as an $XP holder. The buyer should have already held the required $XP at the time of land pre-sale. For detailed guidelines of how to purchase $XP, please refer to this article.

As an $XP holder, buyer must also hold the required amount of $XP at the time of official distribution of lands. The official distribution of lands is TBA.

⭐️ Full Combo Purchase Special Offer ⭐️

If you purchase a full combo (1 Legendary + 1 Epic + 1 Rare + 1 Common) with a single contribution of $12,900 (ERC-20, USDT on Ethereum), you will also receive a special edition of NFT (an one-time release)! This offer is only for a single contribution of $12,900, separate contributions will not be taken into consideration. While supplies last.

(Updated on 18th October) 🚀 Discounted Full Combos for Early Buyers 🚀

A single bid of $10,000 in the first 10 minutes (according to blockchain time) of the pre-sale event will be guaranteed an exclusive bundle: 1 Legendary + 1 Epic + 1 Rare + 1 Common and an NFT gift (original price: $12,900).

One wallet address can only secure a maximum of 3 bundles if 3 bids of $10,000 each are placed with the same address.

No Duplicate Rule

Buyers using the same wallet address to contribute will be guaranteed to receive different NFTs of the same tier. For example, if you place an order of $300 twice with the same wallet address, you will receive two different types of common lands. With this scheme, you can craft your whole collection with certainty! No duplication at all!

Priority Access for Previous Auction Participants & Early Investors

All previous NFT auction participants are eligible to join this pre-sale event without the $XP requirement. In other words, if you bid for anything in our previous auction, you can enjoy the privilege of this pre-sale just like other XP-holders, and gain full access to any ranks. This special offer also includes private-round investors, and participants from launchpads (Chainboost and TrustPad).

How to Participate in the Land Sale Event

The Land Sale event is going to be hosted on our main website (https://polkafantasy.com/land). The contribution method, land details, and rules are all listed on the page.

Prepare to Explore Like Never Before!

PolkaFantasy aims to create a never-before-seen marketplace and blockchain games that will take players on a wild adventure, while enabling them to enjoy more chances to earn valuable in-game assets. The funding from this pre-sale will be used primarily for games development, as our vision has always been making a revolution in blockchain games and producing AAA titles that real gamers love.

We look forward to seeing you on 22-Oct-2021 10:00am UTC for our ‘XP-holders Land Presale’. Buckle up for a mystic ride across the metaverse of PolkaFantasy!

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