(New Update: Aug 26) Pre-Sale: First In-Game Hero and Weapons NFT Auction

With the coming age of our PolkaFantasy world, our community will soon be free to strategically venture through the expansive landscape alongside their party members, and all the while can be taking part in a fully developed financial ecosystem. This ecosystem will facilitate the highly sought-after Play-to-Earn model; Providing every player the ability to earn real-world money based on their involvement in the game, such as one’s ability to accrue experience and level up their character within the PolkaFantasy world.

Appreciation of Those Who Believed in Us

In respect to this, we are incredibly excited to announce to you our first-ever NFT Auction Event! Our intention with this Auction House is to provide our earliest supporters an exclusive chance to obtain in-game NFTs that will maximize their experience in the upcoming blockchain game, and specifically to provide the ability to maximize their profitability within the ecosystem. Doing this acts as an actionable thank you to all those who believe in the success of our mission, and to ensure that our first comers receive invaluable in-game resources at a significantly discounted price point!

NFT Auction: Full Explanation

With all that said, let us get into the specifics of exactly what will be available within the NFT Auction Event, which will start on August 23, and how you can obtain these exclusive rewards.

The NFT Auction Event sales will be fragmented into 4 tiers:

Legendary Tier: Genesis Collection

Legendary Tier will provide the highest valued reward in all of PolkaFantasy: The Legendary Goddess NFT. The top 10 bidders who bid a minimum of $5000 USDT(ERC-20 on Ethereum) will be provided this immensely scarce NFT, and allow them profitability margins that can be found nowhere else within any GameFi ecosystems. The top bidder will receive the $XP mana NFT, which will also be exclusive to this NFT Auction and will never be duplicated or re-created on our network.

Epic Tier: Champion In-Game Characters

Epic Tier will be rewarded to the next 20% of bidders that put in an order of at least $500 USDT(ERC-20 on Ethereum). Similar to the Legendary Goddess NFT awarded to Legendary Tier winners, the Goddess NFT will provide marginally inferior but still highly valuable exclusive utility for the winners within the PolkaFantasy World.

Rare Tier: Pixel In-Game Heroes

Rare Tier will be awarded to the next 20% of bidders that put in a minimum bid of $250 USDT(ERC-20 on Ethereum). This NFT will provide exclusive access to high profitability opportunities within our ecosystem, which will be similar but to a lesser degree than from the Legendary Tier and Epic NFTs. Our intention of these Rare Tier rewards is to provide equal opportunities to our early supporters.

Guarantee: Get a Character NFT for sure!

Single bid of minimum $1,000 will guarantee an in-game character NFT.

Common Tier: Weapons & Items

All participants who bid minimum $50 USDT(ERC-20 on Ethereum) will be gifted a special weapon or item NFT that can be used by their character within the PolkaFantasy game, and will provide ongoing power amplification for the character who wields this mighty gem!

(Updated on 26th August) Exclusive Offer (Elemental Collection)

All auction participants from the Common pool who bid a minimum of $250 USDT (ERC-20 on Ethereum) will be guaranteed to receive one of 10 limited edition weapons/items.

To celebrate half a million USD achievement in the first 24 hours, we exclusively released this Elemental Collection for bidders who are avid NFT collectors. These limited editions weapon/items will ONLY be available in this auction. They will NEVER be released again!

Collect all 10 limited editions with 10 bids (from same wallet address) of $250 or above each, and complete the collection for the epic battle ahead!

Liquidity Lock

For this NFT auction, $100,000 worth of $XP token will be locked and reserved for NFT holders of Rare Tier or above. This liquidity pool will be unlocked upon game launch to fuel up your NFT characters.

Collection Guarantee (No Duplicate Rule)

Bidders using the same wallet address to contribute will be guaranteed to receive different NFTs of the same tier. For example, if you put in $50 twice with the same wallet address, you will receive two different weapons/items. If you put in $1,000 twice and eventually are positioned in Rare Tier, you will receive two Pixel Hero NFTs. With this scheme, you can craft your whole collection with certainty! No duplicate at all!

Ultra Rare Editions for Early Bidders

First 100 bids with minimum $1,000 will be guaranteed with an ultra-rare edition of characters (Rare Tier or above, depending on the final ranks of the bids). And remember, a single bid of minimum $1,000 will guarantee an in-game character NFT. So, this is an unprecedented opportunity to own a Genesis NFT piece in ultra rare skin.

Many Opportunities Upon the Horizon

While this is a pinnacle point for our community to develop their arsenal before actually entering the PolkaFantasy world, this will not be the only opportunity to do so. We are actively conjuring up many avenues where our community and newcomers can load up on inventory, so that they can create a character that will best prosper within PolkaFantasy, and will be able maximize their profitability within our Play-to-Earn Decentralized Game World!

The auction is on https://polkafantasy.com/nft

ONLY trust the address on our official Twitter and Website


  • Auction Period: 23 Aug 2021, 10:00AM UTC — 30 Aug 2021 10:00AM UTC
  • Bids placed outside the auction period will be not counted or refunded.
  • The minimum bid is 50 USDT. Any bids under 50 USDT is invalid and will not be refunded.
  • Each transaction is counted as one entry, even if the fund is sent from the same address.
  • Bid is final once sent. No refunds for any reasons.
  • Bid is not adjustable or withdrawn.
  • All bids are placed in one pool. Valid bids are ranked at the end of the auction, and NFTs are distributed according to the ranking of bids.
  • $XP will be distributed to all NFT holders (Rare Tier or above) when the game launch.
  • Bids of $1,000 or above will guarantee a character (Epic or Rare, depending on final rank of bids)
  • The first 100 bidders with bids of US$1,000 or above will receive Ultra-Rare Edition NFTs (instead of standard version) based on their tiers of bids at the end of auction.
  • DO NOT send funds from an exchange address. Funds from exchange addresses are not counted as we cannot track them.


The information on this site is for educational purposes only and is not investment or financial advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions. None of the information on this website constitutes, or should be relied on as, a suggestion, offer, or other solicitation to engage in, or refrain from engaging in, any purchase, sale, or any other any investment-related activity with respect to any ICO or other transaction. Cryptocurrency investments are volatile and high risk in nature. Don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.

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