An Introduction to PolkaFantasy’s Genesis Game: Interfaces of Main Menu + Battle Arena

Welcome back, heroes!

While the PolkaFantasy world is being crafted, we are thrilled to show you the game development progress!

※English version of the Main Menu

In the Alpha version, you will be able to play battle arena (PvP), while adventures (PvE) will be available in the Final version.

Menu Screen Overview



・ZENNY: There are off-chain ZENNY and on-chain ZENNY, shown as combined but internally separated;

・Energy: You need energy to play, and when you run out of energy, you can no longer play.

From left to right (All will be available in the beta version):





From left to right:

・Formation: Screen to form a team;

・Character (will be available in the beta version): Screen to list characters and strengthen characters;

・Inventory (will be available in the beta version): Screen to check the list of items you have.

Battle Arena Overview

■ Outline

・The Arena is a place where players fight each other as PvP.

・Players are ranked and rewarded according to their rating in a specific period of time (will be available in the beta version).

■ Special conditions of the arena

・In the Arena, all characters’ levels are standardized to 1.

■ Matchmaking

・In the alpha version, matchmaking is randomized.

・In the beta version, the system will match users with the closest rating.

■ Leaderboard

・There is no ranking at the alpha.

・In the beta version, the rankings are displayed by rating in ascending order.

※The contents of this article are under development and may be changed in actual play screens. All the skill card illustrations on the battle arena screen are the same, but we will reveal the skill cards at a later date, so stay tuned!

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the world’s first Japanese ACG-dedicated blockchain ecosystem, with its unique NFT marketplace, NFT wallet and multiverse games.

We bring only the top-notched artwork to PolkaFantasy NFT Marketplace where Japanese artists and creators can connect with supporters. We deliver the best immersive experience to users that they can discover, trade, and interact with any digital collectibles and game assets.

Within the holistic ecosystem, PolkaFantasy is a metaverse with mystical GameFi and play-to-earn mechanisms. We created a never-before-seen land system where lands can be used across the magical realms of PolkaFantasy. With further gaming details, PolkaFantasy is going to change the current dynamics of GameFi and bring forth a new future to the world of blockchain.

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