PolkaFantasy Wallet: Step-by-step Tutorial

10 min readMay 6, 2022


Download PolkaFantasy Wallet app

Android: Visit Google Play Store and search for “PolkaFantasy Wallet”.

Apple: For Apple users, visit the App Store on your iOS device and search for “TestFlight”.

Download the TestFlight app and login with your AppleID.


Once you have downloaded the app, click the link below and you will be able to see an app preview page https://testflight.apple.com/join/8vKoBUjp

Tap ‘Install’ to download the app. Once the app has been installed, the button will change to ‘Open’. You can open the app from here or from your home screen.

Note that there will be an orange dot next to the app name to differentiate it from other apps downloaded from the App Store.

Update the wallet app

When a new version of the app is released, you will receive a notification from Testflight requesting you to update the wallet app to the latest version. Tap ‘update’ and let it run.

Login to the wallet

If you are using the app for the first time, you must first complete the following steps to use it:

  1. After you open the wallet application, tap ‘Next’, then tap ‘Start Testing’ to continue.

2. Go through the images and scroll right to the end to ‘Get Started’ or click ‘Skip’ to start directly.

3. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, tick the box and press “Accept” to continue using the app.

Set up your first wallet with PolkaFantasy Wallet

You have the choice of creating a new wallet, recovering an existing wallet or watching a specific wallet address.

Create wallet is for users who would like to set up a brand-new wallet. A new wallet address and seed phrase will be generated.

Import wallet is for users who already have an existing Ethereum or Polygon network wallet on a different device and would like to use it on the PF Wallet. An existing seed phrase is required.

Watch Wallet is for users to view the total asset value, transaction history and digital assets of a specified wallet address.

Create Wallet

  1. After tapping “Create Wallet”, the device will create a new seed phrase also known as a “secret recovery phrase” which consists of 12 random words that will be shown on your screen. Log the 12 seed phrases somewhere secure i.e. on a piece of paper and press ‘Confirm’.

*Make sure you have a copy of your seed phrase in the correct order. You will need it in case you lose your phone, forget your password or want to import your wallet to a new device.

2. Enter the recovery key in the correct order as shown on the previous screen. Once you have input the seed phrases in the correct order. Tap ‘Complete’ — your wallet has been backed up.

3. Create a name for your new wallet and a new password login. Tap ‘Confirm’ when it is done. You have just successfully created a new wallet and are able to check the latest token prices and your total asset value. Ethereum, USDT and XP tokens will be displayed by default.

Note when you log in, it will be on the Ethereum network; you can change networks in Settings. Also note that the password you created when you first logged in will be required to confirm transactions or to access your private key.

*Store the seed phrases in a safe place and never share your secret recovery phrase with anyone. If your wallet is compromised, there is the risk of losing all your digital assets, including your NFTs.

Import Wallet

  1. If you choose ‘Import Wallet’, enter your 12 secret recovery phrases in the correct order here, enter ‘Space’ on your keyboard to separate each word then press ‘ Confirm’.

2. Name your wallet and create a password for your login then press ‘Confirm.

Watch Wallet

  1. To watch a wallet, copy the wallet address that you would like to view and paste the address in the watch address box.

2. Create a name for this wallet and tap ‘Confirm’. Once completed, you should be able to see the total asset value, transaction history and all digital assets of the wallet that you are monitoring on Ethereum or Polygon networks.

Import Tokens

Our wallet supports Ethereum and Polygon which means you can import tokens that are on these two chains.

  1. Tap ‘Import Tokens’ on the Wallet tab, and search for the keyword or the symbol of the tokens you would like to import to your wallet and then press ‘Confirm’.

2. If you are unable to find the tokens, you may choose to import it manually on the ‘Custom’ tab. Input the token contract address and its token symbol and then press ‘Add Tokens’. The token has now successfully been added to your list.

View Transaction History

On the Wallet tab, you can see a list of tokens, or the option to import others. Tap on the token that you want to check: the ‘Received’ tab shows a list of transactions others have made to you and the ‘Sent’ tab shows all successful transactions you’ve made.

Send Tokens or Make a Payment

  1. Go to the Wallet tab, tap the token from the list that you need to make the payment, then select the ‘Send’ button at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Input the receiver’s wallet address, or scan the QR code of the receiver’s wallet. Note that this can only be done when the person is next to you.

3. Insert the amount of tokens you would like to transfer and select the speed of your transaction according to your needs; the network fee will differ accordingly. You can check current gas fees here:
Ethereum: https://etherscan.io/gastracker
Polygon: https://polygonscan.com/gastracker?data=30

4. Once you have filled in all required details press ‘Next’. Enter the password that you used to create the wallet and swipe the bar to the right to proceed. Wait for it to load and your payment will be made successfully.

Transfer NFTs

  1. Go to your Gallery (second tab from left), select the NFT you wish to transfer and tap ‘Send’ at the bottom of the screen.

2. Paste the receiver’s wallet address or scan the QR code of the receiver’s wallet. Select network fee and press ‘Next’

3. Enter the password that you used to create the wallet and swipe the bar to the right to proceed. Wait for it to load and your NFT will be transferred successfully.

Receive Payments/ NFTs

To receive payments, go to the wallet tab (leftmost tab), select the token you are going to receive and tap the ‘Receive’ button on the bottom left of your screen. Copy and share your wallet address to the sender or let them scan your QR code if the sender is next to you.

View NFTs

After logging in to the wallet or successfully importing a watched wallet, you can check out all the NFTs in the gallery. Thumbnails of MP4 files may not appear as the wallet does not support MP4 files in this version.

Connect to Opensea

  1. Visit the OpenSea official website on your PC and click on the wallet icon at the upper right-hand corner, a drop-down menu will then appear. Select ‘WalletConnect’ and a QR code will show on the screen for you to scan.

2. Go to the ‘Marketplace’ tab on PF wallet and you will see a pop up, tap ‘Connect’ and your camera will be automatically turned on to scan the QR code from the OpenSea webpage.

3. Scan the QR code on the OpenSea website with your phone. Once it’s scanned, you will see a pop up asking you to connect to the site. Tap ‘Connect’. You will be taken to the next step to sign in. Tap ‘Sign’ to link your wallet to the OpenSea platform.

4. You can now list or buy NFTs on OpenSea using your PolkaFantasy wallet. When a transaction is processing, it will prompt your wallet app to confirm the transaction.

Switch Network

Our wallet supports Ethereum and Polygon networks in this current version. If you wish to switch networks, go to ‘Settings’ on the bottom rightmost button. Tap on ‘Wallet Details’, you will see a drop-down menu. Tap on ‘Network’ and select the network you want to switch to.

Change Currencies

The current version supports USD, JPY and CNY. Tap on ‘Display Settings’ from the Settings menu, then go to ‘Currency’ and set your preferred currency.

Change of language

Our wallet offers language support in English and Japanese. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and tap on ‘Display Settings’. Select ‘Language’ to switch from one to the other.

Make a copy of your Private Key/ Recovery Phrase

If you forget your Private Key or Recovery Phrases, you can make a copy again, if you remember your password. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu, select ‘Security & Privacy’ and choose ‘Private key’ or ‘Recovery Phrase’. Enter the password that you used to create the wallet initially and you will see the keys/phrases. Make sure you copy them correctly.

You can also enable face ID and finger ID in the ‘Security & Privacy’ setting if your phone is compatible with these functions.

Add another wallet

If you have more than one wallet or wish to create a new wallet, go to the ‘Settings’ menu. You will see a pink button showing the name of the wallet you are currently logged into on top of the screen. Tap on the button and you will see a drop-down list, select ‘Import/Create’

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the world’s first Japanese ACG-dedicated blockchain ecosystem, with its unique NFT marketplace, NFT wallet and multiverse games.

We bring only the top-notched artwork to PolkaFantasy NFT Marketplace where Japanese artists and creators can connect with supporters. We deliver the best immersive experience to users that they can discover, trade, and interact with any digital collectibles and game assets.

Within the holistic ecosystem, PolkaFantasy is a metaverse with mystical GameFi and play-to-earn mechanisms. We created a never-before-seen land system where lands can be used across the magical realms of PolkaFantasy. With further gaming details, PolkaFantasy is going to change the current dynamics of GameFi and bring forth a new future to the world of blockchain.

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