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At PolkaFantasy we have a lot of respect for the Decentralized NFT Marketplaces that currently provide their users a streamlined and cost-effective ecosystem within the crypto space. With the financial success of AtomicMarket and OpenSea, along with the sheer transactional volume of BakerySwap, there are many NFT-based marketplaces where you can witness a fair chunk of the daily $5.8 billion USD trading volume of NFT’s at work.

While these companies have decided to provide sales options for NFTs of all types, PolkaFantasy is intended to be a one-stop-shop for the trading, selling, and overall monetization of one’s Japanese digital collectibles (NFT) and PlayToEarn items. Since this sector of the market is untapped, we can prioritize making our network as optimal as possible for our users, rather than work on campaigning against other NFT companies. In respect to this, we underwent deep analysis on every tier 1 NFT marketplace for what characteristics worked and how useful their network functionality is to their users. We looked to optimize the NFT DeFi marketplace rather than replicate the best in the current market, in the hopes that our platform will become the new standard in the industry. Experts in the field have related many variables that need to be finetuned in an NFT-related project to capitalize on the July 2021 crypto market and onwards. The fundamentals that must be ingrained into the system include:

1. The overall utility of NFT and the associated network’s cryptocurrency.

2. The network coin’s ability to interact intelligently with the NFT and GameFi.

3. Cross-chain compatibility to allow full inclusion and maximize possibilities on the network.

Atomic Market is an NFT marketplace that comes to mind when talking about market success. Being the current #1 Decentralized NFT Marketplace in the crypto industry, their NFTs can be tokenized and staked on the WAX blockchain that hosts them. However, at PolkaFantasy we wanted to find a way to be able to directly stake our NFTs without them needing to be converted into a token, as this conversion process can be costly and essentially liquidates your precious NFTs. With that said, we now provide our users’ numerous ways to directly stake their NFTs and even evolve them alongside your PolkaFantasy adventure (see figure below). Besides preserving your collectibles, profits and ease-of-use skyrockets with our exclusive technology that allows you to leverage the full power of your hard-earned NFTs!

If you decide upon your adventure that your NFT is worthy for further battle, you then have the option to use the utility of our ecosystem’s XP token. Like XP you would gain in any classic RPG, this XP can similarly level up your NFTs which would both increase the exposure of the art and artist on the NFT marketplace for better sales and recognition, and even increase staking rewards of the NFT for more passive income (#PlayToEarn etc.)! Governance voting over the network works through staking XP, as well as purchasing of NFTs using XP, and even to purchase hidden chests to take a chance at uncovering the numerous rare items interspersed within the PolkaFantasy world! We want to assure that, through supporting your favorite artists and being able to vote on the network using your XP tokens, that every user will feel important in this land and that their opinion can make a real difference in the trajectory of PolkaFantasy’s evolution.

Being a newcomer in the NFT marketplace has its perks, one of such is that we have coded our ecosystem in a way that takes into account the most recent 2021 Blockchain technology within the crypto space. One of which is our ability to be cross-chain compatible with Polkadot (Kusama as well), Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, and many more as we expand. We may start as multi-chain at first so as to roll out the functions in an orderly and optimized manner. Our decision to work tirelessly to make these blockchain connections a reality is knowing how much richer our ecosystem will be if more types of blockchains and their respective community could easily interact with the PolkaFantasy world without having to go through the loopholes of switching blockchains. This also means that transactional costs and liquidity for XP coins will be significantly improved versus non-cross-chain compatibility, assuring the cheapest and most profitable ecosystem for our users!

Additionally, we are so excited to release this news to all of our community: We at PolkaFantasy have been meticulously working on a PolkaFantasy game with Play-To-Earn feature that should be ready for release in near future! This game will have all the NFTs and XP tokens be interactable with the actual gameplay and the associated characters played, meaning your ecosystem status and dedication to developing your NFTs can be teleported into an open world of limitless opportunities for both profitability, gameplay enhancement, and community engagement!

In light of everything, the PolkaFantasy developers want to make it clear that we analyzed the other NFT marketplace companies currently in the industry to learn about their successes and where we thought we could inject improvements upon to maximize our user satisfaction in the PolkaFantasy ecosystem. We invite all other NFT-related companies to communicate and strategize with us in an effort to make the crypto space a more accessible and fair space for NFT buyers and sellers alike. If you would like to learn more about our ecosystem, check out our website.

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the first-ever Japanese-themed NFT cross-chain marketplace, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts. Inspired by Japanese Animation, Comics, and Games (ACG) culture, PolkaFantasy is an immersive platform to discover, create, trade, and interact with any digital contents.

Our goal goes beyond a breathtaking marketplace and truly gamified DeFi. PolkaFantasy is all about the BEST user experience, which you would expect from our deeply Japan-inspired philosophy.

Let’s be our hero in this epic journey to explore the infinite potential of digital assets.

Website: https://polkafantasy.com/
Twitter (Global): https://twitter.com/PolkaFantasy
Twitter (Japan): https://twitter.com/PolkaFantasyJP
Telegram Channel (Global): https://t.me/PolkaFantasyEN
Telegram Channel (Japan): https://t.me/PolkaFantasyJP
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/PolkaFantasyOfficial
Medium: https://polkafantasy.medium.com/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ZcrKcrU7
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PolkaFantasy/
Blog (Japan): https://note.com/polkafantasy



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PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts.