(Updated: Feb 7) PolkaFantasy x Samurai Game Guild NFT: Sale Event Details

5 min readFeb 3, 2023

PolkaFantasy’s Japanese allies, Samurai Guild Game, Zaif INO, and TofuNFT, are joining forces with us to host the legendary NFT sale events. We are thrilled to present the information regarding the PolkaFantasy x Samurai Legendary Hero NFT sale events!

The NFTs will be available exclusively with a limited quantity of 10 NFTs on each platform: PolkaFantasy Game Marketplace, Zaif INO, and TofuNFT Marketplace. This legendary NFT is a game-changer as it can be used across multiple projects, allowing players to play multiple games on different platforms with one single high-tiered NFT.

In addition to many exciting GameFi utilities, we cannot wait to reveal what PolkaFantasy and Samurai Guild Game have prepared for this unique collaboration NFT with special utilities, such as special token airdrops and more. We truly believe that Esther will be one of the player’s best buddies for many epic GameFi battles in many different games in the future.

This cross-platform, cross-game NFT resolves many issues as players don’t have to manage multiple NFTs and fear they’ll become useless when they jump on other games developed by another company. Normally, acquiring high-tier NFTs for multiple games costs tens of thousands of dollars, but our special collaboration NFT is designed to be a source of pride. Balancing the long-term play-and-earn benefits, this amazing NFT is priced at $4,000 with a vast range of added gifts. This is the opportunity for you to acquire the legendary-tiered Esther as we will not host any further sale events other than this one-time sale.

Each NFT purchased in this series is in the form of a ticket. The ticket is deemed as a purchase proof to receive the legendary-tiered hero NFT, Esther, which the hero NFT distribution is scheduled on March 2, 2023, 18:00 JST. A snapshot of all ticket holders will be conducted on March 2, 2023 at 10:00 JST.

Event Schedule & Currency

PolkaFantasy is hosting the sale event on its own Game Marketplace starting from Feb 16, 2023 | 19:00 JST to Feb 18, 2023 | 19:00 JST. Users will be able to purchase the NFTs with USDT on Ethereum Network. Only 5 NFTs available on PolkaFantasy’s Game Marketplace. Within the first 2 hours of the event, we have a Mega Jackpot of $XP for all buyers to win! Find more details here.

Zaif INO will be opening the sale event on their flagship launchpad on Feb 16, 2023 | 22:00 JST. The event will conclude on Feb 23, 2023 | 22:00 JST. Only 10 NFTs available on Zaif INO’s Launchpad. Users will have the chance to make purchases using $MATIC. We are partnering with Zaif INO to host an exclusive event: “Mana, Power Up!”. More details to be announced soon!

TofuNFT, as one of the leading NFT marketplaces originating from Japan, will be hosting the sale event on Feb 16, 2023 | 22:00 JST. Only 10 NFTs available. Users can purchase with $USDT on Ethereum Network.

In the exclusive 24-hour pre-sale scheduled on Feb 15, 2023 | 19:00 JST, pre-sale whitelisted users (rules explained below) will be able to purchase the NFTs with $XP on Ethereum Network. Only 5 whitelist spots available. The pre-sale price is set at $3,500. For further info on whitelisting, please read on.

(Updated on Feb 7) Esther’s Vengeful Quest Across Realms

Here’s your chance to win premium whitelist access to a pre-sale. Esther is a legendary samurai in the worlds of PolkaFantasy and Samurai Guild Game. As she embarks on a thrilling journey to avenge her love’s death, she wields power from mana reactors and becomes stronger.

Remember Hidden Gems💎? This time, we want you to find the weapons this legendary hero, Esther, would love! The NFT prizes will be added to the following schedule equally to the 4 rounds of games. In each round, we are giving away 12 sword NFTs.⚔️In total, 48 sword NFTs to win!!*

The game rules are as follows:

  1. Find the 5 swords hidden in the image.
  2. The time you spend on finding the hidden swords will be recorded. This will give you a rank in each game.
  3. Each wallet can only be connected once.
  4. The site is only compatible with Metamask on the Ethereum network and only playable on desktop.

Participants who win 2 out of the 4 games will win a chance to exclusively access the pre-sale event.

🔹Win at least 2 games out of 4 to be whitelisted.
🔸Whitelisting does not guarantee an NFT purchase.
🔹First come first serve for all NFTs available during the pre-sale.

(Updated on Feb 7) The game schedule is as follows:

  • Feb 8, 20:00–00:00 JST
  • Feb 9, 20:00–00:00 JST
  • Feb 10, 20:00–00:00 JST
  • Feb 11, 20:00–00:00 JST

How do you define “Time Rankings”?🧐

The less time you spend to find the 5 swords, the higher ranking you will be in. The time you spend will be ranked accordingly.

Be sure to mark your calendar, heroes!

*Weapon NFTs are to be distributed on March 2, 2023.

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