PolkaFantasy Relaunches Its NFT Marketplace as Aimée

  • Easy NFT Transfer — Quickly transfer your NFTs to friends or anyone in the world by simply specifying their wallet addresses.
  • Smart Contract Collection — Take ownership over your own collections by creating your own! Users can benefit from the interoperability that creating your own collection offers.
  • Import Your Collections & NFTs — Bring the collections you created on other NFT marketplaces i.e. OpenSea/Rarible to Aimée.
  • Bids & Offers — Conveniently keep track of any bids or offers you have made or received and easily filter the status of auctions to see if you’ve won or need to increase your bid!
  • Auctions: Members can participate in and/or host their own auctions, where the highest bid wins.
  • BSC & Polygon Integration: Individuals can list and make purchases using WETH, USDT and XP on the Polygon network (gas fees in Matic) and BNB, BUSD and XP on the BSC network (gas fees in BNB).
  • Filters & Sorting — Users can conveniently filter content by network, token, price range, ERC type and NFT type, and explore the possibilities of the NFT world in PolkaFantasy!
  • Improved UI — Our marketplace has been redesigned with a contemporary look to bring focus back on the art and to provide users with an intuitive and enjoyable experience.



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PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts.