How PolkaFantasy Provides Equal Opportunity to Japanese Art & Game Creators

The Beauty, and the Injustices

Japanese anime has been a staple for much of the world’s childhoods (ie. Pokémon or Digimon), and further into their adulthood (ie. Naruto or Inuyasha). While these stories hold a dear place in our hearts, there is an off-putting side to the underlying makeup of these artistic creations. Japanese animators, due to the saturation of talented artists within Japan, get paid minuscule wages to create the drawings that often represent a critical main character to our favourite anime shows. For example, an animation creator in the United States will make an average of $65,000+ annually, whereas the same job in Japan only makes a measly $12,000, which is well below the minimum financial requirements to live in Japan.

The PolkaFantasy Solution

Japanese developers need an alternate financial source to normalize their profit margins, and with the ever-expanding popularity of anime, more people globally are looking to support anime artistry whilst benefiting their own portfolios. In respect to this, we present to you the ecosystem that’s specifically built to solve these ongoing injustices: PolkaFantasy. We are the first multi-chain Japanese NFT marketplace that provides all Japanese anime developers with the freedom to monetize their products as they see fit, and allow the entire community to evolve their finances alongside them.

The Live Evolution of Japanese Artistry

The world of PolkaFantasy not only allows enhanced profitability for both our anime artists and NFT traders alike, the NFTs themselves actually come to life! Much like your most nostalgic JRPG experiences, your cherished NFTs will undergo similar functionalities. The only difference here is that real cash returns will be coming your way if you strategically position your NFT within the peaks of the marketplace, and passive income will be amplified further once their NFTs start to inhabit the upcoming PolkaFantasy Decentralized Game (DeGame) World!

To get an idea of what we’re talking about; One could undergo PVP duels against other’s NFTs, undergo rare alchemy to combine 2 NFTS into a uniquely powerful character, or even act patiently with your NFT to earn regular rewards as you validate our network! See the figure below for other NFT use cases within our ecosystem.

How We Will Fight Back On These Injustices

Now, remember, all of these NFTs are simply digitized art, created by the same Japanese artists we know and love for their insightful and inspiring creations. However, we at PolkaFantasy have created an expansive world where their art can be used and traded in such a way as to assure the maximal profitability of their work. We believe that PolkaFantasy will provide the reins for Japanese anime artists to take back their monetary credibility, and promote the liberation of their trade for all of Japan!

The Enhanced Future: JRPG DeGaming

With all of this widely occurring on the network, one would think that this widespread NFT utility, in addition to our native token XP use cases, would be enough. Not for the swiftly evolving PolkaFantasy ecosystem, particularly as we are reaching the last few phases of our PolkaFantasy DeGame. Once this world is fully curated, everything changes. Japanese artistry will have in-game world functions where every component of societal norms can be undergone by one’s NFTs, and success in venturing through this world will be predicated on one’s strategic preparation. These preparatory steps will draw many parallels to the years of experience one gains playing the JRPGs that initiated this genre to begin with!

End of The Road, For Now

It’s truly an exciting time to be able to build, for the first time ever, these crossroads between Japanese-themed anime artistry and video gaming using 2021 blockchain implementations. What’s more is that while our NFT utility and marketplace functionalities will allow proper wages for Japanese animators, the use of their artistry within the PolkaFantasy DeGame is truly going to be a profitability shocker. Decentralization of gaming is at its pinnacle of excitement, and the world is ready for a DeGame centred around JRPG, just as Final Fantasy did for conventional JRPG gaming all the way back in 1987.

I invite all those, who queue ready for entry into the battlegrounds, a look into our website to get an understanding of our mission and how our ecosystem broadly functions.

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