The Secrets of Keiji Inafune’s Revolutionary NFT Collection “BEASTROID”

4 min readMay 24, 2022


PolkaFantasy, as the leading Japanese NFT and multiverse marketplace, has previously announced the release of its latest innovative collection with Keiji Inafune. BEASTROID is designed to take gaming enthusiasts on the virtual journey of a lifetime. He combines the likes of NFT with real-world concerns, including global warming and climate change to offer an intense yet eventful experience to every single one of you..

The collection is designed and brought to work by Keiji Inafune, one of the top Japanese video game producers, illustrators, and entrepreneurs. He is best known for his illustrative work on the original Street Fighter game and the Mega Man game series. He was the creator of the character, Zero.

The story of this exclusive collection settles amidst a world of extreme weather where humans are endangered to extinction. The ultimate goal for survival is to reach the final destination — paradise, the only spot on Earth known to escape climate change and the drastic effects it has had on areas around the world.

With few surviving humans, wealthy people rule the paradise and attempt to keep outsiders locked out, creating the ultimate fight for survival. One affluent leader, Ethan Walsh, is the enemy of all enemies after making an android known as the Guardian V, designed to kill all humans attempting to cross over and get into California to avoid extinction.

On the other hand, an android was developed by a man known as Beastroid, who created it as a countermeasure to block the attacks. It’s the only possible way for human to work their way into paradise while saving their lives and surviving despite the brink of extinction and life as they know it.

BEASTROID Characters and Qualities

There are several characters throughout the story with unique characteristics to offer players.


Known as the Hyena Slasher, the Alpha Team Member that serves as a leader with Tabby, Frills, and Hippo. He has an incredible slash claw that can quickly and easily tear into everything it touches.


Referred to as Tabby the Long Tail and Tabby for short, the healing character is a natural genius with a shockingly high IQ of more than 200. She moves at lightning speed and she is skillful at setting up traps to help.


With a name like Frill Dragon, it’s no surprise that this relatively silent character has incredible ninja skills. He wears a scarf that players can use as a bird’s feather to complete fights while flying. Sniping is his top skill.


The Hippo Launcher is the character you can depend on for help and guidance throughout the Metaverse. With thick armor and shock absorbers, he’s simply undefeatable. While he moves slower, he can produce a rocket launcher that destroys everything in sight.

If you’re looking for a different Metaverse experience that will keep you entertained and on edge, check out BEASTROID.

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