Introducing the New ZENNY Utility: Enhancing Your Gameplay Experience

3 min readJul 20, 2023

We are excited to announce a significant update to the PolkaFantasy gaming ecosystem — the introduction of our new utility token, ZENNY. This token will revolutionize the way players enhance their gaming experience and bring about a host of exciting changes.

One of the key improvements is the shift in the way Exp jewels are obtained. In the past, players relied on XP to purchase these items. However, we have recognized the need for a more versatile and dynamic system for ZENNY to excel as a versatile game token. As a result, we have decided to transition to ZENNY as the primary currency for acquiring Exp jewels.

The primary objective behind this transition is to enhance the utility of ZENNY within the PolkaFantasy Game Ecosystem. By incorporating ZENNY as the currency for purchasing Exp jewels, we aim to provide players with greater flexibility and options. This change will empower players to strategize their in-game decisions and allocate their resources more efficiently.

Additionally, the prices of Exp jewels will now be adjusted according to market conditions. This adjustment aligns with our philosophy of fostering a balanced gameplay environment where all players have equal opportunities for growth and progression. By incorporating market dynamics into the pricing system, we ensure a healthy development for PolkaFantasy in long term.

Furthermore, we envision a future where the ZENNY utility extends beyond the first PolkaFantasy title. As our gaming ecosystem expands and more games join the fray, ZENNY will become a versatile token across multiple gaming experiences. This means that ZENNY will hold value not just within the initial game but also across various interconnected games within the PolkaFantasy universe. We envision our next use will be a limited version NFT purchase with ZENNY for our brand new characters.

While ZENNY takes center stage in this new upgrade system, it’s important to note that XP will continue to play a prominent role as the native token for PolkaFantasy. This ensures a seamless integration between the existing XP system and the new ZENNY utility.

In conclusion, the introduction of ZENNY as the primary utility token for upgrade items marks an exciting milestone for the PolkaFantasy gaming ecosystem. We believe that this change will provide players with a more dynamic, flexible, and rewarding gameplay experience. Stay tuned for further updates.

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