Importing NFTs on aimée — A Step-by-Step Tutorial

3 min readJun 30, 2022


This step-by-step guide will make sure your importing is smooth and trouble-free on aimée!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Anyone can import a collection & NFT and it doesn’t incur any gas fees.

Import Collection

From your profile page, collections tab, click import collection and enter the following -

  • Smart contract address

Import collection imports all your owned NFTs in the specified collection.

Only if you own the collection smart contract will it appear under your profile.

Import NFT

From your profile page, created/owned tab, click import artwork and enter the following -

  • Smart contract address
  • Token ID

Import NFT imports 1 specific NFT in a collection owned by you.

If you don’t own the NFT an error will occur when you attempt to import it.

  1. After importing you may have to wait a while for the collection / NFTs to appear.
  2. If you have multiple NFTs in the same collection, use import collection to import all NFTs at once. If you have multiple NFTs in different collections, you are required to import them separately.
  3. Creator royalty fees cannot be set on imported collections or NFTs.
  4. Creator royalties do not carry over from platform to platform. Eg. NFT created on Opensea with creator royalty of 2% will not carry over on import to aimée.
  5. Ownership isn’t updated in real-time if there are transactions performed via external methods.

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