Chapter 0: The Adventure Begins

3 min readMay 17, 2021

As our Heroes gather around the scroll and combine their power, the seal is finally broken! In this legendary Scroll of Heroes, names of those who had taken part in the quest were engraved with the ancient power! Yet before our Heroes examined further, the ancient force was unleashed with millions of shooting stars, forming a portal leading to the unknown…

A portal to another alternative dimension was opened, like a tear through time and space. A new world often leads to another adventure. And that is no different to our Heroes. A new chapter has begun.

Unlike the homeland where the scroll was found, here the mana seemed to possess their will and guide the Heroes to a magnificent castle, Astalos, in the far. Our Heroes were stopped by a magical wall which was cast by forbidden force as told in a lost prophecy. Unknown to our Heroes, only the five chosen legendary goddesses could break the seal and unlock the secrets lay deep down in Castle Astalos. Without any doubt, Castle Astalos is being protected, but from who or what? Only true heroes will dare to find out.

It is believed that the only way for our Heroes to pass through the barrier is to seek blessing from all five goddesses. Only then will our Heroes be permitted to enter and continue their journey to discover the mystery in Castle Astalos.

Come a step closer, and meet the Goddesses for whom you will need a favor from:

How to Join

In order to summon the Goddesses and earn their blessings, our Heroes will need to unite and complete five tasks as a party. Only once each of the five tasks has been completed will the NFT Goddess bless us with their gifts.

After completing each task, a handful of Heroes (depending on the nature of the mission, e.g., winners or lucky participants) from each completed task will gain special rewards, $XP (in the form of private token allocations), in the PolkaFantasy world.

All Heroes who have participated in the mission will also be blessed to receive an extra power bonus in a special whitelisting lottery for their own token allocation event, which will be carried out once all five tasks have been completed.

The chances of winning the special lottery are directly related to the number of completed tasks each Hero completes. The breakdown of the bonus probability of whitelisting entries are as follows:

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is a Japanese-Themed NFT cross-chain marketplace created to represent the Japanese culture in the crypto space. As a team, we want to develop a community that inspires our partners to own and create NFTS. PolkaFantasy provides users with a world (marketplace) full of magic and exciting features for an extraordinary adventure. Join us on the adventure lifetime as we discover the first-hand NFT mystery of the future.

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