Announcing Masayuki Matsuoka as PolkaFantasy’s Game Advisor

3 min readSep 6, 2021

PolkaFantasy Upgrading its Team Yet Again

We at PolkaFantasy are continuously blessed by the influx of highly skilled veterans within the field of Video Gaming and Anime production. In line with this, it gives us great joy to announce to our community our newest addition to the PolkaFantasy clan: Masayuki Matsuoka! This man has travelled the world and back with his accomplishments; Succeeding in expert-level video gaming, Mr. Matsuoka won 1st place 3 separate times in a Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game PC tournament, and obtained the championship for Rockman Exe in not only Tokyo, but in Osaka and Nagoya as well!

A Man of Many Skills

While his video game skills are truly God-like, there’s much more to this gentleman than meets the eye. For the last 15 years, Mr. Matsuoka has undergone domestic and overseas brand business, specifically in sales, public resource work, and overall strategic planning.

Synergy of Two Wisdomous Veterans in Business

Full of ingenuity, Mr. Matsuoka became the representative director of the Game Culture Association, a company established around 2 years ago, that cultivates gaming culture in a positive way. As passion attracts further passion in the field, our fellow Strategic Advisor Daishiro Okada, former COO of Square Enix’s US corporation, joined forces with Mr. Matsuoka.

Fashion Combined With Video Gaming to Create a Whole New Business Sector for the Masses

Mr. Matsuoka is also actively pursuing his passion for combining the fashion and video game industries. Realizing that mobile MOBAs are becoming immensely popular, particularly in smartphone powerhouse countries like Indonesia, Mr. Matsuoka is implementing ways that fashion can be integrated within the culture of these types of games.

Mr. Matsuoka reports aspiration from companies who are already integrating fashion with their games in fantastic ways, such as the game Animal Crossing Forest (Atsumori), who have their own game-themed clothing and makeup brand.


As you can see, Mr. Matsuoka acting as one of our Game Advisors is an immense win for the PolkaFantasy family. He will help the PolkaFantasy team to connect to the professional gamers world to maximize our reach to the non-crypto community. With a deep understanding of various games, Mr. Matsuoka will also provide valuable opinions on our next gen blockchain game. In PolkaFantasy, play-ability is a core pillar to bring non-crypto people into our ecosystem for long term growth. With the collaborative effort with Mr. Matsuoka, our team strongly believes that we can bring this vision closer to the community in near future.

We are incredibly honored to have so much passion and talent within our team, and are so excited to bring to you our final product in the near future! To learn more about our underlying technology and suite of products, check out our website.

About PolkaFantasy

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PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts.