AMA Recap held on PolkaFantasy JP telegram channel on Dec 16, 2021

Date: Dec 16, 2021
Time: 13:00pm UTC

*Note that Questions are translated from Japanese to English.

1st Segment: Community Questions

Q1: Is XP required for the gacha(lootbox) event ?

Yes, the lootbox will be carried with ONLY $XP. In other words, all lootbox can only be purchased by $XP. We have learnt a good lesson from land sale last time. Therefore, we decided to make $XP as the 主役 in this lootbox sale.

Q2: Thank you for your hard work! I think it is important for creators to play an active role as one of the polka fantasy ecosystems. The marketplace that was released the other day is in beta at the moment, introducing cross chains and improving the design is not enough for the ecosystem is not enough as improvements. Do you have any concrete ideas or ideas for the creators to get excited through the marketplace in the future? (For example, it can be used as an NFT contest event or as an in-game NFT.)

Thanks for this excellent question.

We are thrilled to learn that users love our marketplace, and they have much expectation for its future as well.

Yes, we are aware of some issues and improvement possibility in the marketplace. In fact, on the day we release the marketplace, I have instructed my team to monitor community feedback immediately and mark down all the issues/improvement that we can make. We are already making steps to make UI/UX improvement. In addition, we are integrating Polygon/BSC into the marketplace and integration is being tested now.

Right now, the problem with most NFT marketplace is the high gas fee. As you may aware, many NFT marketplace see activitiy drop because of the gas fee issue. In that sense, our team believe that Polygon/BSC (maybe Solana) integration is a good step forwards to attract more users and creators to our marketplace

In addition, we are going to position our marketplace as one of the high-end NFT marketplace. To do this, we are going to collaborate with very good artists and have events with such NFT launch as well.

In future, this NFT marketplace will be an important pillar in PolkaFantasy ecosystem. Thus we are determined to make it the BEST!

Q3: Regarding the content of the game, it seems that a card game was planned at the beginning, but on the recent teaser site, it is written as RPG.
Can you tell us the genre and content of the game that will be released next year?

It will be a 3v3 card battle. In fact, we plan to make more than one game in future, therefore our first game will definitely not be our last game.

When we said RPG, it will be more like having a lot of elements inspired by JRPG. As a RPG lover, I always love game with epic story, amazing characters, and interesting game system (including level up system). Therefore, we are working hard to bring authentic high-end game which community has not seen in blockchain industry yet.

Q4. The development team of other blockchain games is introduced on HP, while there are no such introduction in PF HP. Is game development outsourced?

I love this question as it gives me an opportunity to unveil the curtain.

The game itself is developed in-house. For instance, the game system is developed by our very talented members in Japan. I personally am working with backend team closely and have face-to-face discussion daily. And we are ramping up our dev team as well to make the development speed faster. For some parts, we are hiring helpers from outside but they work almost exclusively with us.

As you may know, many blockchain games are indeed re-skin projects from other existing games. But for our team, we are working the game from scratch so that we can build what we love. This is important because it can ensure that the game is high-quality but not something that can only last a few months. PolkaFantasy is a project for many years to come, that’s why we are also making our in-house team bigger and stronger everyday so that we can deliver more great games to you in future!

Q5: When will I get XP from the auction?

It will be after our official game release. As we believe that it will be the best for us to grow together, we want to make sure that we generate value for $XP and then enjoy the success together with community. Too early release of $XP in this case will make pressure on it, and it may distract the team somehow.

Q6: Is there a scholarship system like Axie Infinity ?
Also, how much profit can we expect to make each month if we rent out a rare-tier land?
I’m glad that the glitter effect of UR has the effect of advertising.

We are definitely looking into the scholarship system. In fact, last night we had a team meeting about this as well. Such a coincidence!

As for the land, we can’t really say for now how much revenue it will be generating. As the whole ecosystem is still under development right now, we want to make our land system unique and fun to use and own. But one thing for sure, we will look into the tokenomics of other games and system to learn the stength and weakness, so that we can bring value to our land system.

2nd Segment: Community Questions

Q1: What are the reasons that change the original roadmap?
2.How will you inform the community when issues arise from PF in the future?
3.Do you have any plans to add utilities to NFTs or $ XP before the game launch?

Thanks for the questions. Though it’s 3 questions because we will count it as one, no worry, lol

1. When we made the first roadmap, it’s months ago. And there are many changes in blockchain world and even priorities. In PolkaFantasy, we are building a GameFi ecosystem. Honestly, we had such scope in the beginning, but it’s getting bigger than we expected. We came to realize that we might had 2 solutions: either we roll out half-baked products, or we spent time to make it the best to community. We chose to take a responsible step to spend time on development. We understand, communities want to see products rolled out quick, in order to move the price up. But we think this kind of price up is not sustainable. Therefore, it’s better to be a project which can show good result. We don’t want to be a team that build something that can last for short time. Our goal is to be Square Enix in blockchain. This is our vision, and we think we can do it.

2. We will make better communication for sure. Our team has actually learnt a lot these days about communication with community. And we will do better and update more. I think many of you may aware that we can increase the frequency of update, and we will continue doing it in a good way.

3. Yes, we have. And we will announce more plans.

We are totally aware that price movement is important. And actually it comes to our surprise that GameFi tokens have a bad time these days.

As the CEO and founder, I think I feel the most pressure from price. But honestly, we are very confident in the future performance of $XP. The reason is simple: we are a team that actually determine to build something great. As I always say, it’s really easy to build something bad and roll it out for a few month ‘success’, but it takes courage to build a great product. If you were in our team, I think you will feel the passion and confidence in our team, and will have belief in $XP in long term.

I have been in blockchain industry for long enough to say, sometimes it’s hard to predict token price in short term. But I truly believe that if we built great products and games, $XP will have a bright future ahead for sure. And I am walking towards this bright future with all of you.

Q2: .Please explain why the 1vs1 scheduled in December has disappeared from the roadmap.
Also, you said that you will partially implement Land for 1vs1, but now as 1vs1 disappears, will Land be useless until the game launches after April?

Thanks for the great question.

As you may know, game is not easy to develop, especially for a game that is built from scratch. When we first planned for the 1v1 version, we thought it will be expandable to 3v3. However, when the game development goes on, we found that it will take long time to rebalance the game system if we want to maintain the good play-ability. As a result, we had to make hard decision to move on to 3v3 directly because we want more community to join our game earlier if we can launch the official version sooner. We understand that this decision may frustrate some of the community members, but we think it is best for PolkaFantasy and our success together.

Q3: Are you planning to partner with some famous BCG? (Decentraland, SANDBOX, etc.)

Yes, we have plans to work with other great BCG and even IPs. As a gamer myself, I really want to work closely with BCG which shares the same vision with us. And as I said in the past, we will ramp up our marketing. One recent marketing move you see if our event with CoinPost in Ginza on 24th & 25th. And I am going to speak to Polkadot community in India as well tommorrow. We will continue doing more partnership and collaboration to increase the exposure. And once BSC bridge is ready, we will do more marketing in Asia as well, to attract more Chinese and Southeast Asian users for sure.

Q4: Will card battles contains more combat-related elements besides cards (characters) and lands?

Yes, we will make some announcement by the end of this month!! And I can’t wait to share more information with you. It’s because we are moving in a good way in game development. And we are making a lot of contents now.

Q5: What is the highest hurdle that Alex feels as you progresses through the project?

This is an interesting question. I think the biggest hurdle for us (or me especially) is the balance of quality and launch time.

I am lucky to have an excellent team which can achieve all the impossible. Therefore, I am confident that in long run we can succeed. But as speed is also important, sometimes we have to make sure that we roll out things in time, even if I am not 100% happy about the quality sometimes.

But we are making great improvement these days. I feel that we are making good decision in a quicker manner these days. And we will do it better in future for sure.

Q6: Is it possible to play with one character?


Q7: What do polkafantasy focus on more? games that everyone can enjoy, or play to earn for investors and scholarships?

We focus on both.

As a gamer, I value play-ability so much. And therefore we are spending much effort in polishing the game for players to enjoy.

And as the CEO and Founder, I am responsible to make sure that investors can enjoy rewards as well.

I think both are not mutually exclusive. We can make games that are both fun to play and great for earning. And we are working days and nights to make this dream come true!

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the world’s first Japanese ACG-dedicated blockchain ecosystem, with its unique NFT marketplace, NFT wallet and multiverse games.

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Within the holistic ecosystem, PolkaFantasy is a metaverse with mystical GameFi and play-to-earn mechanisms. We created a never-before-seen land system where lands can be used across the magical realms of PolkaFantasy. With further gaming details, PolkaFantasy is going to change the current dynamics of GameFi and bring forth a new future to the world of blockchain.

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PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts.

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PolkaFantasy is the BEST Japanese NFT cross-chain marketplace & multiverse game, built for NFT lovers by NFT enthusiasts.

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