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Royalties are a percentage of each secondary sale paid back to a collection creator or owner. It was one of the first major use cases of NFTs to help incentivize and fund creators for their work.

Over the past few months the entire NFT industry has been embroiled in heated debate over whether or not to enforce creator royalties, which sparked a ‘race to zero royalties’ on many marketplaces. However, there was massive backlash from many prominent NFT artists and community members who spoke out against zero royalties. Marketplaces started to take heed and reverted to enforcing royalties in some shape or form.

The current situation is still riddled with uncertainty as some platforms have adopted on-chain royalty standards such as EIP-2981, Opensea’s ‘Operator Filter’, to creating their own royalty payment scheme with a combination of lower royalty fees plus platform tokens.

Here at aimée, we are first and foremost about supporting artists and enabling them to thrive by doing what they love, creating art! To this end we fully endorse royalty payments and consider it a foundational pillar to NFTs — Artists MUST be paid for their work and royalties help continue to fund a project for further development. This is also why we think artists should also maintain full ownership of their collections.

Opensea imposed a deadline of 2nd Jan 2023 for adopting their ‘on-chain standards’. We are hesitant to adopt the Operator filter as it’s a centralized mechanic which references a blocklist and is viewed as anti-competitive by many in the industry. This goes against our values and could hurt our creators should we choose to implement it. Therefore we wanted to observe industry movements a little longer before committing to how we should proceed.

For now, creators on aimée can still create collections and receive royalties from sales made from our platform. Collections created on aimée can still receive royalties from other marketplaces however, you will need to manually set this on the respective platform. We also encourage the use of to set an on-chain royalty fee for any of your existing collections.

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