aimée’s Auction Tutorial

Step-by- Step Tutorial

Please ensure you have enough MATIC to pay for gas fees and USDT on POLYGON to fund your bid.

  1. Login and proceed to the auction details page. Once the auction has started click the ‘Place Bid’ button (this will not be active if the auction has not started).

2. A pop-up appears to enter a bid amount.

3. Your bid must be higher than the current bid by at least $0.001 but we suggest an increment of 1% of the highest bid.

4. Click confirm and pay the associated gas fees. If it’s your first time interacting with our platform this will be at most 3 times, see below for associated gas fees.

a. Set Approval for auction smart contract. — 1 time only when interacting with the auction smart contract for the first time.

b. Approve USDT — 1 time only to allow the use of USDT on aimée.

c. Approve placing your bid — Each time a bid is placed a gas fee is required.

5. Once your bid has been approved you will be prompted with a success popup. Your bid will also be shown in the auction history list.

  1. Please make sure you have an account created on aimée to be able to participate in the auction.
  2. Note that the person with the highest bid is locked in and cannot cancel their bid until they are outbid.
  3. Once the auction ends, the winning bidder needs to claim the NFT while unsuccessful bidders need to reclaim their bids. (Funds are locked into the smart contract when placing a bid).
  4. Bidding at the last second could be risky as you need to factor in the time taken to approve transactions via wallets. If the transaction is not approved in time the bid will fail and the gas fee will be wasted.
  5. Follow PolkaFantasy’s aimée account and turn email notifications on under settings to be alerted when the auction starts.

About PolkaFantasy

PolkaFantasy is the world’s first Japanese ACG-dedicated blockchain ecosystem, with its unique NFT marketplace, NFT wallet and multiverse games.

We bring only the top-notched artwork to PolkaFantasy NFT Marketplace where Japanese artists and creators can connect with supporters. We deliver the best immersive experience to users that they can discover, trade, and interact with any digital collectibles and game assets.

Within the holistic ecosystem, PolkaFantasy is a metaverse with mystical GameFi and play-to-earn mechanisms. We created a never-before-seen land system where lands can be used across the magical realms of PolkaFantasy. With further gaming details, PolkaFantasy is going to change the current dynamics of GameFi and bring forth a new future to the world of blockchain.

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